3 reasons why you should use tribal kilim rugs in your home

3 reasons why you should use tribal kilim rugs in your home

If you're obsessed with finding a suitable home décor, you'll understand how critical the rug design shapes any room's look. Tribal kilim rugs come in many patterns, and finding something you like can get tricky. If you don't like the thick rugs, you should try something lighter such as Kilims. These are lightweight, handwoven, and the perfect pick for finding a durable kilim.

A kilim carpet affects the design and general spirit of a space. It lets you play with different features like colors and textures that you might want to use in your home.

1. Tribal kilim rugs are Lightweight and Easy to Move Around

While most people like carpets, they are too heavy to move around. Experts usually install traditional rugs, and you won't change your setting independently. If you like experimenting with different backgrounds, you'll prefer a kilim that can quickly move.

These rugs are often the best choice in this case as they are lighter than traditionally handcrafted rugs. They are made through a flat weaving technique, so it does not have as much pile as other handmade rugs. Instead of dyeing the kilim rug after woven, weavers use different colored wool to create patterns. This allows you to wash the tribal kilim without worrying about faded colors.

If you are looking for a lightweight rug that can move quickly, you should buy Kilim rugs.

2. Tribal kilim rugs are Easy to Clean

Everyone likes a clean home. Unfortunately, thicker rugs are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria! Carpets are not always easy to clean, even if you use a wet vacuuming process.

The best thing about having a tribal Kilim Rug is easy to clean. You can even move the rug around to get the dust off or clean it with a brush.

With a Kilim Rug, your home will not only look clean; it will be free of the everyday dirt that hides in traditional carpets. They also do not shed thanks to the flat design. This can be a relief for pet owners as you are probably tired of brushing your pet's hair off the carpet.

3. durability

If you have chosen to buy handmade Kilim rugs, it's probably because of handmade kilims' reputation for durability. Many well-known kilims, such as tribal kilim rugs, can last more than 100 years.

These rugs are truly unique because they are made from high-quality wool. Weaving these kilims by hand takes time and effort, which results in a highly durable kilim rug that can last for decades.

While it's unlikely you'll use a tribal rug in a place that gets high foot traffic, Kilim rugs are made for just that. For practical usage, handmade Kilim rugs are the best choice.

Key takeaways

Tribal kilims are handmade kilim rugs woven from wool. These amazing rugs have three essential Property that makes them a smart choice for home decoration.

These kilims are amazingly durable and easy to clean. Also, they're easy to move and lightweight.

So now you have three reasons to have a vintage tribal kilim in your home. Remember that if you buy a carpet that is not durable enough, you will pay more money for replacing a new rug!

If you'd like to buy a kilim, Kilims USA can help you buying beautiful and affordable ones.

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