4 things you must know about Turkish kilim rugs

4 things you must know about Turkish kilim rugs

You may hear a lot about kilim rugs. These colorful artworks that we use as carpets are incredible artwork made with people's hands. Of course, there are many things you don't know about kilim carpets. You will learn four essential things about Turkish kilim rugs in this article, so please keep reading the article and know more about these amazing artworks!

1. Turkish kilim rugs; the roots of kilim weaving

We all heard of the kilim, but what are its roots? Kilim refers to a pileless handwoven textile produced using a flat weaving technique. Kilims are also used as wall decor, hangings, table covers, bedspreads, furniture coverings, upholstery, and even bags! Overall, throughout Pakistan, Central Asia, China, Iran, Afghanistan, North Africa, the Caucasus, and the Balkans. Still, the first people who produced and used the kilims were Turkmen, Caucasians, Turkish, Arab peoples.

The word "Kilim" originated from the Persian word "gelim", which means "to lay around". Kilim rugs originated in Turkey.

2. Turkish kilim rugs are not limited to just one method and pattern!

Turkish kilim rugs have many styles, patterns, methods and even different materials! It means this term doesn't refer to just one type of rug.

For example, one type of these rugs is kilims woven in a Van, Turkey. Wool is generally preferred in knitting kilims in Van. In addition to wool, goat, camel or cotton hair is selected, which is not as durable as fleece.

In carpets made in and around the Van, it is seen that medium and thick ropes are preferred as warp and weft yarns. Therefore, kilim carpets in this area are given a different look.

There are four primary colors in Van kilim carpets. These; Black, white, red and dark blue.

On the other, in a way, we can say that the Shahsavan kilims are one type of Turkish kilim. Even "Shahsavan" is a Turkish word that means "Friend of the king"!

3. Kilims are sometimes considered sacred or tradition!

Traditionally, a Turkish kilim rug is not only used for interior decor. It is a popular dowry item given to brides, and it is also used for religious purposes by serving as a prayer rug. But more than the available functionality of Kilims, these rugs are a form of art that carries a piece of cultural legacy, tradition and self-expression. Kilims are decadent masterpieces, with deep symbols integrated within their patterns.

4. Kilims are versatile!

Turkish kilims can be hung on the wall as attractive artwork or used as an upholstery material for a dazzling accent chair. No matter how you choose to set up your kilim, it will immediately bring your home to life.

The design options that a Turkish kilim offers are unlimited. Incorporating it in interiors is a breeze, with various colors and patterns to choose from. It can be used in a variety of room decorations, regardless of the general style of your house, whether it may be classic or traditional inspired. This type of rug is highly suitable for eclectic themes as they bring the perfect mix of visual aesthetics. They work well in modern interiors by acting as accent pieces for a minimalist area, and they also blend with a classic flair of a traditional space.

They may be traditional, but they never go out of style. Even if the decor of your house switches, a high-quality Turkish kilim carpet will be able to adjust to your interior design.

So these stunning kilims are more than just one rug in your house. You can have a fantastic home using these rugs or be proud of using antique and expensive artwork in your home, but you should know that your kilim rug is worth more than it seems!

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