Pro tips to have a stylish home with antique kilim rugs!

Pro tips to have a stylish home with antique kilim rugs!

Antique kilim rugs are The textile traditions of Central Asia and the Middle East. They are among the most antique rugs globally and have long been collected and prized for their beauty. Some famous designers have based their decorating careers around dealing in these stunning textiles.

Antique kilims, made across an extended area, have a significant effect on making a nice home decoration

Whether made into cushions, covering furniture, or settling their usual place on the floor, these rugs are surprisingly adaptable decorative elements. They fit well with modern or classic spaces. 

In this article, you'll learn how you can have a stylish home with antique kilims. Please scroll down for pro tips to have a chic home with antique kilim rugs? 

Welcome the harmony with Antique Kilim Rugs!

From an esthetic point of view, harmony and contrast are the two essential principles followed by designers. The balance in designing home demands that an antique kilim rug's colors combine with the overall color scheme. Suppose at least one of the colors in a kilim rug is also present elsewhere in the room. For example, consider pairing your kilim with brown leather for a natural look.

Although usually, the primary colors in a kilim are considered the main colors for matching, you can do it by matching the subsidiary kilim colors to the subsidiary layout of the space.

Also, if you enjoy contrasts, a colorful kilim rug can be a perfect focal point in a room whose principal color scheme is quiet.

Trust your sense of style!

We suggest that the essential rule is to trust your sense of style. You may become aware of this intuitive power while browsing the collections of antique kilims.

Your feeling about beauty and pairing items with kilims can amazingly help you style your home the best way.

Don't forget to use neutral colors next to antique kilim rugs!

A kilim rug warms up the bare wooden floor, coordinating with the neutral furniture items and working well against pale grey walls.

If most of your home colors are neutral, like white, gray, or earthy, try using antique kilim rugs to make your space stunning and stylish. This is the easiest way to make a big difference in your home decoration!

The only thing you shouldn't let sway you!

If you are shopping for an antique Kilim rug, you should know one thing; there will be some wear, but don't let it sway you! The wear only adds essence, and if the kilim has been around for a long time, you will have a worthy rug at your home.

Don't make your home look outdated!

If you like classic decorations, you should be careful not to make your home like completely outdated!

Using all the colors green, golden, brown, red, plus an antique rug and many different textures in one space doesn't make a stylish home; this combination will make a mess!

Try matching one or two colors with the colors of your rug. If you have white and brown colors in your home, don't add another like orange, green, red or golden. Just add your kilim rug to your home colors and let its beauty shine in your house!

Key Takeaways

Antique rugs became trendy in 2017. This article mentioned five pro tips about styling a home with antique kilims that we hope helped you know how to decorate your home with these worthy rugs.

Here's a summary of this article's tips below:

  • consider the harmony of colors in your space.
  • Trust your sense of style!
  • Use neutral colors.
  • Don't let the wearing of the kilim sway you!
  • Don't mix many colors and textures in your home to avoid having a grandma's home!

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