3 Essential tips about home décor trends with Swedish kilims in 2022

3 Essential tips about home décor trends with Swedish kilims in 2022

If you think about having a modern home with kilim rugs but don't like to use antique styles, we have Swedish kilim rugs with a more modern effect on your home!

Bessarabian carpets are generally lint-free; the fluffy type is costly and, of course, rare. If you want to give your space a special and a little luxurious look, we suggest using these carpets.

Swedish kilims can harmonize with many different interior design styles: Hygge, Modern, New Nordic, Contemporary, Bohemian, Vintage, Art Deco, Nomadic, etc. this option makes them highly desired by collectors and interior designers. In addition to great symbolism, various patterns, floral designs and rich hues of yellow, white and gray make these rugs different from antique kilims or Iranian kilim rugs.

This article will talk about easy home décor trends with Swedish kilims, so keep reading and enjoy learning it!

First step: choose the right color for the rug!

In the first step, having a modern home depends on the colors you choose to decorate your home.

One of the essential things about Swedish kilim rugs is the variety of colors that help you choose the favorite and right color for home decoration.

For example, if you use nude colors in furniture and details of your home decoration, you can consider using Swedish kilim rugs with warm colors like a golden-yellow oak buff. This color is mellow, warm and comforting.

It is an attractive option for every house room and provides a soft and glorious background for wood furniture, cabinets and bed.

Also, gentle earth colors are still in favor. Earth tones such as forest green, clay colors, taupe and light shades of blue provide a natural look that creates a suitable space for relaxing after a long day.

Second step: Don't forget to use Swedish kilim runners!

Runners became a big trend in 2021, but now we are in 2022, and runners are still here! Kilim runner is still a trendy item you can use in your home.

Geometrical patterns of Swedish kilim runners are suitable for use in any home.

It doesn't matter if your home design is modern, vintage, bohemian or minimal; try this chic item in your home! You can easily match your runner's pattern and color with your home colors and style.

Third step: Choose the right kilim for the right space!

One of the essential points in choosing a rug is to pay attention to its size. As we said, one of the advantages of Swedish kilims is the variety of designs and sizes, which makes decorating much more manageable because, with enough time and a little patience, you can make a fantastic trendy home design.

With the desired design and appropriate size of the space you are looking for, you can undoubtedly provide an exciting area for yourself by using Swedish kilim rugs.

The dimensions of space you have will also affect the choice of rug. It will help if you use more extensive designs in the smaller room. Carpets with tiny patterns and many details are not suitable for small spaces.

Fourth step: invite kilims to the kitchen!

One of the trends this year is using kilims in the kitchen. Don't worry if you prefer to have simple kitchen flooring! Swedish kilim rugs have simple and peaceful patterns and different colors suitable for your taste!

Select a flatweave rug in a barely-there shade to lend softness without making a visual din!

Things you should not forget when buying Swedish kilim rugs!

  • If you want to choose your home decoration in a classic style, it is better to use kilims with busy designs and patterns.
  • Accuracy in the type of rug color is also critical in creating a classic interior decoration. For example, it is better not to use a range of lacquer colors such as red and crimson in this style.
  • If you choose a modern style for your home, remember to never use carpets with traditional flower designs or rugs with many crowded designs and patterns.

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