5 essential tips about taking care of Anatolian kilim

5 essential tips about taking care of Anatolian kilim

Anatolian kilim is a simple term commonly used to refer to woven kilim rugs and carpets in Anatolia and surrounding areas. The word "Anatolian kilim" means woven and knotted flooring or wall coverings produced for home use, local sales and exports. Along with the flat-woven kilim, Anatolian rugs describe an essential part of the region's culture, officially known as the culture of Turkey today, and originate from the ethnic, religious and cultural diversity of one of the oldest centers of human civilization.

In oriental carpets, Anatolian kilims are characterized by their unique colors, patterns, textures and methods. And in this article, we are here to tell you three essential tips about taking care of your worthy Anatolian kilim. So, keep reading!

1. Keep anatolian kilim away from the sunlight!

Placing your Anatolian kilim rug in a sunny and bright part of the room will cause fading kilim colors. To prevent this, you should use blinds or drapes to block direct sunlight. Another option to decrease fading is to turn your area rug annually or change the place of your kilim rug to another room.

2. Keep Heavy Furniture Away from kilim rugs

Placing heavy furniture on the rugs may ruin the fibers and create marks. If you want to prevent it, you should consider using furniture coasters to help avoid depressions in the kilim carpet.

3. Don't place your valuable anatolian kilim in high-traffic areas

Kilim rugs are durable and rugged to withstand a surplus of traffic, but delicate fibers won't fare as nicely.

Don't set them in high-traffic areas such as kitchens or hallways to protect Anatolian kilims. Place the rugs in low-traffic rooms such as a bedroom or occasional room. You can also hang the kilim carpets on the wall instead of placing them on the floor to prevent ruining them.

4. Don't put your kilim in a dark and wet area!

A kilim's worst enemies are damp and moths. Your kilim carpet should never be left wet for an extended period or kept in a wet or humid space. While storing, wrap your kilim in a cotton sheet or any natural material that will allow the rug to "breathe." Never keep your kilim rug in plastic. Use an area exposed to cross-ventilation and utilize some time-proven moths treatment. These amazing rugs were made to be enjoyed, so never store them for a long time. 

5. Always keep anatolian kilim clean!

An ounce of prevention, as they say, is worth a pound of cure. To keep your kilim carpets as clean as possible, limit how much dirt gets into them. Set a shoes-off rule, or put sturdy doormats at the entrances.

The first step of keeping them clean is using a vacuum cleaner regularly. So make sure that you are using the vacuum cleaner to prevent dirt from remaining on the kilim.

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