Have a chic vintage home with Senneh kilims!

Have a chic vintage home with Senneh kilims!

You may know about kilims, but Senneh kilims are one of the most unique and beautiful kilims that you should know about them!

In this article, you will learn about senneh kilim rugs and their patterns, colors and tips to decorate your home in a vintage style with these rugs! So scroll down and keep reading!

What are Senneh kilims?

Senneh rug (Senneh, also spelled Senna or Sehna) is a hand-woven floor covering produced by Kurds. They live in or around Senneh (Sanandaj) in the west of Iran.

These kilims have many styles and patterns. The Herati pattern, for example, is typical. The colors used are characteristic of Kurdish kilims, like dark blue and red. The primary material for these rugs is fine wool used for the pile.

The pile rugs and kilims of Senneh are worthy for their unique coloring, delicate patterns, and fine weave. Their designs are one of the most sophisticated patterns of rugs.

The patterns of Senneh kilims usually involve some repeat design or diapers, such as the Herati. A diamond lattice pattern peeps through knotted blossoms and leaves or intricate versions of the "boteh", a leaf with a curling tip. 

In its traditional form, the kilim is commonly used to cover floors, walls, or bedspreads but is now also purchased as a modern, decorative item for covering the floor in houses. These are stunning items that you can have in a chic vintage home with them.

One: add antique pieces to your home

Purchasing antique pieces like kilim rugs for your home is probably the most apparent option for giving some historical feeling to your home, but be careful! You shouldn't make it dull and old!

Using a combination of pieces from various eras is the most helpful way to give your home that warm, cozy feel without looking like an artificial, theme-y old home.

Senneh kilim rugs are a must-have for anyone who wants to add vintage warmth to their home. Hold out for a large piece to fit under all furniture, and make sure it presents some actual wear.

Be warned: machine woven kilim rugs may look fine on the internet, but in person, they may not be as lovely as what you see, and they are definitely not as attractive as hand-woven rugs.

Two: Grow plants in your home

Growing plants in the house is an excellent way to make your space active, vintage and chic! It will also help you have a vibrant home; the plants' colors will match well with the color of kilim rugs and make your home environment energetic and lively.

Three: Senneh kilim are not just for the floor!

Who says vintage is all about dark wood and stable shades? Of course, these items will help have a vintage home, but it's not all you need!

Try using cushions with senneh kilim patterns to warm up your living room and furniture.

The vintage-styled pillows will liven up the space and make it cozy, fresh and chic.

Key takeaways

An easy way to have a stylish and vintage home is to use Senneh kilim rugs in different ways. Using them as floor covering or pillows is an effective way. Also, you can use plants in your home so they will match well with the kilims' colors and liven up your home.

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