Ways to style your home with Bessarabian kilim

Ways to style your home with Bessarabian kilim

You may hear about the use of kilim rugs or read about them on our blog, but this article is mainly for bessarabian kilim rugs and their benefits to your home! So keep reading the article to learn about these unique rugs.

Bessarabia is a historical region in Eastern Europe, bounded by the Dniester River on the east and the Prut river on the west. About two-thirds of Bessarabia lies within modern-day Moldova. Bessarabian kilims come from this culture.

A little about kilim rugs

Kilims are flat rugs woven by hand, combining the warp and weft fibers to lay as balanced as possible. Their flatweave is the prominent characteristic element of these rugs.

In the past, kilims were much more functional. Along with the change of the world, kilims moved from nomadic houses to stylish and urban homes. Today, only kilims are used as underlays with a more decorative aspect.

How to style living room with Bessarabian kilim rug

The Bessarabian kilim contributes significantly to the house's beauty and vitalizes the space. 

The living room is one of the essential parts of the house, and we have to spend time, patience and care choosing the rug for this part. This part of the house is necessary because it is an active part of the home; Thus, accuracy in laying and placing the kilim rug will be required. 


One of the essential points of flattening the living room rug is that you should place the kilim rug so that the front bases of the furniture are on it and the back bases are outside the edge of the kilim.

Bessarabian kilim rugs are attractive on hardwood floors because their colors and durability can withstand foot traffic and keep out breezes in winter, as well as adding a pop of color and geometric pattern to an otherwise plain room. A set of neutral-colored furniture matches well with the gorgeous colors of Bessarabian kilims and makes your decoration unique.

While large Bessarabian kilim rugs make special and unique floor coverings, smaller kilims make attractive wall hangings, especially on large, blank walls. The colors produced beauty with the darker hues, and the smaller rugs can be used as focal pieces above large furniture on the wall.

These flat rugs also make lovely accent pieces as heavy throws drape across larger furniture such as couches and oversized chairs.

An essential point in interior decoration is that there are no rules and regulations for your room! The only law is your comfort in your interior.

Decoration psychology says that even if your presence is not permanent in a part of the house, you need to create excitement and warmth in that environment, so it is better to use warm colors to design a home. The kitchen is one of those spaces; not all family members may be present in the same amount. Still, many hours should be spent there. So instead of using warm colors in a complex way, like coloring walls or changing cabinets, you can use colorful kilims for the kitchen floor to double the charm of your kitchen and enjoy being there and seeing all the beauty.

Another way to style a home with Bessarabian kilims is to use them as a space partition tool. For example, if there isn't any wall between your living room and dining room, use kilims in one of these spaces to indicate that and separate from another one.

key takeaways

In this article, we reviewed the use of Bessarabian kilim rugs in the house. Now you know that these kilims are usually used as flooring in the dining room, living room, or even in the bedroom, while the smaller sizes of kilim rugs can be used to make a wall more attractive in your home.

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