Our Story

A team of experienced weavers, have come together to offer customers the best products with the highest quality. Kilims USA is a family business which means we have values other than money or profit. Out greatest value has always been customer satisfaction and that’s why people from all over the world can call us and get advice about perfecting their home with a piece of Kilim. 

We opened our first gallery over 40 years ago and all our efforts since then culminated in opening a branch in Illinois, USA in 2008. We are in the business of making people’s homes beautiful and we have been doing this successfully for many years. Our credit lies with the satisfied customers whose comments you can read on the first page of out website. 

And Finally, we can proudly say that we are different. Why? Because our Kilims are all different. First, we do not make two kilims with the same pattern. So, when your Kilim is delivered, you can be sure that you have something no one else has. Second, our Kilims are made with herbal pigments only. These pigments used by carpet weavers for hundreds of years and the techniques perfected by generations of weavers come together and make something as glorious as a piece of Kilim. These features are enough to set us apart from the competition. 

Armed with years of experience in this field, we are confident in our taste in Kilims and we know which color and pattern would match your design best. So, just contact us and get free advice from our experts. We will tell you what size Kilim you need for your room and which color fits your design best. In no time, your beautiful home would be adorned with one of our magnificent Kilims. Sometimes all it takes for a home to feel like a home is just a carpet woven with love and designed with thousands of years of culture and history behind it.